The Manual for British Men

The Manual for British Men

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This book contains everything the well-bred British man needs to know. The contents include day-to-day skills such as how to siege a castle, fire a longbow, correctly clean a Maxim machine-gun and capture an enemy trench; sporting science such as jousting, fencing and boxing (Queensbury's Rules, of course); domestic essentials such as how to hunt, kill, clean and cook a wild boar; and priceless secrets of sartorial selection (codpiece - useful for storing your wallet and keys - or cuirass? Top hat or tank jacket?). To British airmen and soldiers, knights and pages, gentlemen and rogues, we say: pip pip and what what! Stiffen your lip and tighten your sword belt! Tie down your trebuchet, and open this manliest of manuals to discover how you too can become a true man of Britain!ENTLEMAN SECTION O NE Mens Sanain Corpore Sano a€c T HE C HARLES A TLAS FITNESS REGIME a€c While not a Brit himself, Charles Atlas (1892a€“1972) isan excellent example of how a fellow shouldaim to make himself thebesthecan be.

Title:The Manual for British Men
Author:Chris McNab
Publisher:The History Press - 2014-06-15


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