The March Up

The March Up

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Taking us straight to the front lines, The March Up follows the famed 1st Marine Division on their decisive 1, 184 kilometre trek to Baghdad, from first assault to the taking of the city. The 1st Marine Division, which had fought in Guadalcanal, Khe San, and Kuwait City, provided the critical force in Operation Iraqi Freedom. With unprecedented access to everyone from three-star generals to privates, authors West and Smith, men with 60 years of military and combat experience between them, trace the strategic war plans as they unfolded in battle, providing unflinching portrayals of what went well and what went poorly, and detailing power struggles and failures which have never before been reported. No other journalist had the mobility, battlefield knowledge or personal contacts as West or Smith. They were able to observe eighteen separate combat units in the division. What emerges is a dramatic, personal and human account of how the corporals fought and the generals plotted, revealing the men behind the guns and the brave and sometimes unorthodox actions that resulted in astonishing triumphs. Complete with a 16- page, four-colour photo insert and endpaper maps, The March Up is the behind-the-scenes story of how the men on the frontlines and the strategists in the backroom turned the march to Baghdad into a road to victory.Just past the intersection was a large repair facility that obviously was in operationa€”for the Iraqi army; there were tank and truck ... Into this organized chaos drove a civilian mini-busa€”the driver either did not hear the shouts to halt over the din or was oblivious to the danger. ... They filled their arms with more than they could carry and started to wobble away. ... one Blue Force Tracker monitor screen; a roll of toilet paper; six canteens; foot powder; two dirty towels; a converter strip for ACanbsp;...

Title:The March Up
Author:Bing West, Ray Smith
Publisher:Random House - 2010-06-30


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