The Marketing Playbook

The Marketing Playbook

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Every company needs to figure out the best way to beat the competition. What do you do if the other guy is already dominating the market? Should you challenge them head on or lie low for a while? Should you offer customers high-end features or a low-end price? Or both? During their years at Microsoft, John Zagula and Richard Tong answered such questions so effectively that they helped Microsoft Office and Windows grow from a 10 percent to 90 percent market share. As venture capitalists, Zagula and Tong have continued to test and perfect their system with hundreds of companies of all sizes and at all stages. Now theya€™re sharing their best ideas and methods in an easy-to-apply book that will be enormously helpful to marketers in every industry and leaders in every size company. The Marketing Playbook explains the five basic strategies for a competitive marketa€”The Drag Race Play, The Best of Both Play, The High-Low Play, The Platform Play, and The Stealth Play. It illustrates how each one works, how to pick the best one for a given situation, and then how to implement it effectively in the real world. Just like a great sports coach with a well-designed playbook, managers who read this book will have the tools, tips, and tricks they need to leapfrog market research, craft a smart strategy, motivate their team, and start scoring major points with customers and against the opposition.Mr. Toyada was pleased to look at his business in 1983 and see that Toyota was selling Corollas, Tercels, and other nice, reliable, small cars like hot cakes. ... So he called a top-level, top-secret meeting to plan how to create the first Japanese superluxury car, one with all the panache, ... by highly stylized branding, superb advertising, personalized service, and incredibly high-touch, lowpressure sales.

Title:The Marketing Playbook
Author:John Zagula, Rich Tong
Publisher:Penguin - 2004-10-21


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