The Matrix and Meaning of Character

The Matrix and Meaning of Character

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Character structures underlie everyonea€™s personality. When rigidly defended, they limit us; yet as they become more flexible, they can reveal sources of animation, renewal and authenticity. The Matrix and Meaning of Character guides the reader into an awareness of the archetypal depths that underlie character structures, presenting an original developmental model in which current analytic theories are synthesised. The authors examine nine character structures, animating them with fairy tales, mythic images and case material, creating a bridge between the traditional language of psychopathology and the universal realm of image and symbol. This book will appeal to all analytical psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists who want to strengthen their clinical expertise. It will help clinicians to extend their clinical insights beyond a strictly behavioural, medical or cognitive approach, revealing the potential of the human spirit.American Medical Association (2003) Physician ICD-9 CM2003: International ClassiArcation of Diseases, Hyattsville, MD: NCHS. American Psychiatric Association (1968) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 2nd edition (DSM-II), Washington, DC: American ... Beatty, J.S. and Kraul, E.G. (eds) ( 2004) La Llorona: Encounters With the Weeping Woman, Santa Fe, NM: Sunstone Press. Beckanbsp;...

Title:The Matrix and Meaning of Character
Author:Nancy J. Dougherty, Jacqueline J. West
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-12-02


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