The Maverick's Thanksgiving Baby

The Maverick's Thanksgiving Baby

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A BRIDEa€”AND A BABY!a€”UNDER HIS TREE! RUST CREEK RAMBLINGS Stop the presses! Can you believe there's about to be another wedding in Rust Creek Falls? Yes, local cowboy Jesse Crawford is tying the knot with Maggie Roarke, that Hollywood lawyer who's been flitting in and out of town for the past several months. Rumor has it their hasty nuptials might have something to do with Maggie's brand-new baby bumpa€b We're all for one big happy family, but we're a little puzzled by this pairing. Maggie and Jesse couldn't be more different if they trieda€”are they really ready to saddle up for the long haul? Stay on the trail, faithful readers, and let's see if their baby-to-be can bring this new family together for the holidaysa€”and ever after!a€œTurkey sandwiches are a Thanksgiving evening tradition. ... Actually, her doctor had warned her that was a fallacy, but considering the factthat her weight wasna#39;t an issuea€”not yet, anywaya€”she picked up the ... You didna#39;t overdo it, did you?

Title:The Maverick's Thanksgiving Baby
Author:Brenda Harlen
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-11-01


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