The Men of Black Ops, Inc.: Volume 1

The Men of Black Ops, Inc.: Volume 1

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An eBook boxed set of bestselling author Cindy Gerarda€™s first three Black Ops, Inc. novels: Show No Mercy, Take No Prisoners, Whisper No Lies. SHOW NO MERCY Gabriel Jones left his longtime career as a CIA operative and joined Black Ops, Inc., a private security and espionage firm that specializes in jobs the military and the CIA wona€™t touch. Now stationed in Argentina, he is known as the Archangel because of the cold steel Arc-Angel butterfly knife he keeps strapped to his hip. When American journalist Jenna McMillan innocently steps into an assassination plot Gabe is trying to foil in Buenos Aires, Gabe saves her life but is injured. And, therea€™s unfinished business between Gabe and Jennaa€”grudging professional admiration and sexual attractiona€”from when they brought down an Argentinian neo-Nazi months agoa€b TAKE NO PRISONERS Amid the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas, twenty-seven-year-old Abbie Hughes, part-time accounting student and full-time blackjack dealer in a major casino, is trying desperately to convince herself that her brother, Cory, finally has his act together. But Cory, who shea€™d expected back from one of his frequent trips to Honduras where he buys native crafts for resale in the states, was due back in Vegas two days ago and she hasna€™t heard a word from him. Shea€™s starting to worry. Unknown to her, Cory is a middleman in a gem-smuggling ringa€band Abbie, as Corya€™s sister, is now in danger... WHISPER NO LIES Las Vegas casino security expert Crystal Debrowski met sexy, heroic Johnny Reed in Honduras, where she helped him save her friend Abbie Hughes and Sam Lang (the protagonists of Take No Prisoners), but after the rescue, they went their separate ways. After Crystal spurns the advances of an older, mysterious Asian man at the casino one night, bad things start to happen. Then she remembers the man she rebuffed, Tran Hoang, who is an Asian mafia crime lord. Johnny and Crystal are soon mired in not only a steamy love affair but in a human trafficking/prostitution, arms-trading ring, and a counterfeiting scheme that could bring down the US economy.Show No Mercy, Take No Prisoners, Whisper No Lies, and an Excerpt from With No Remorse Cindy Gerard ... A job perk?a€ He hung his head. Breathed deep. Then he made himself turn and face her. a€œA casualty, a€ he said with all the emotion ofanbsp;...

Title:The Men of Black Ops, Inc.: Volume 1
Author:Cindy Gerard
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-09-20


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