The Messiah Condition

The Messiah Condition

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During the time of Christ, a document that could change the course of human history is written, encoded and secreted away and for good reason. For 1900 years it passes through the hands of philosophers, poets, Inquisitors and Rabbis and finds itself in the possession of a 10 year old boy. Zack Connely learns of the document, revealed in thesis notes of a graduate student mysteriously killed in a freak car accident decades earlier. Zack is led to Jerusalem where, in a secret vault, he sees the heavily encrypted qTreatiseq. With the aid of his MIT educated girlfriend and her cousin, Zack is compelled to attempt to decode it. They are not the only ones; two Mossad agents join in their quest while their comrades try to dissuade them in the harshest ways. The adventure takes the group into the realm of spiritual messages and the occult where Judaism, Christianity, Kaballah and Quantum physics interact, and answers to age-old questions are ultimately encountered.a€œThata#39;s bullshit, Hal, we didna#39;t make any noise at all, a€ she shot back. Then she ... There were two sections in the binder, Richarda#39;s work and a report from the Israel Antiquities Authority on the technical analysis of the scroll. Jennifer got up andanbsp;...

Title:The Messiah Condition
Author:Robin D. Ader
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing - 2010-01


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