The methodology of G.E. Moore

The methodology of G.E. Moore

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Many interpreters have come up with a reductive picture of the methodology of G.E. Moore. Either they have failed to see the complete range of methods that are present in his philosophy, or else they have conflated several methods into one. As a result, they have come up with a correspondingly reductive picture of Moore's goals as a philosopher. In this regard it has been common to accord Moore's philosophy a merely negative or refutational value, while overlooking its whole positive or constructive content which consists of a categorical description of the universe through conceptual and propositional analysis. This book seeks to do justice to the richness and complexity of Moore's overall methodology and to evince the logical structure both of his refutations and his analyses. Genuine methods of analysis are identified, distinguished both from one another and from pseudoanalytical procedures, and systematically reconstructed along basic Moorean premises.theory of technical meaning. On the contrary, there are many theories of meaning embedded in Moorea#39;s writings which, for exegetical purposes, can be grouped into two different kinds, ordinary and technical. Hence the correct way to talkanbsp;...

Title:The methodology of G.E. Moore
Author:Sal Fratantaro
Publisher:Avebury - 1998-03


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