The Methods of the Gernet Classicists (RLE Myth)

The Methods of the Gernet Classicists (RLE Myth)

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The Gernet Centre was founded as a place where the structural method could be applied to the classics. a€˜Structuralistsa€™ attribute the survival, origin and function of myths to common crosscultural factors they identify as a€˜structuresa€™. As this book, first published as The Structuralists on Myth in 1992 explains, these structures are bundles of information not obvious either to the narrator or to the listener. The bundles are collected features that reveal either the reasons for the survival of myths, or their origins, or their functions within their contexts. The structuralists consider themselves to have talents as the collectors from myths of these bundles of information.Meanwhile her sister, Ismene, who does nothing except keep the secret of AntigoneAls decision to oppose CreonAls will, perpetuates the ideal of the loyal woman who preserves unity in the household. ... desert their nature by showing courage (andreia), and the Amazons are monstrous because they violated this rule. ... dead.43 AntigoneAls marriage must take place in another world because she is the incarnation of what Loraux calls ... Sophocles dramatizes such breaks with silence.

Title:The Methods of the Gernet Classicists (RLE Myth)
Author:Roland A. Champagne
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-03-05


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