The Milk-Free Kitchen

The Milk-Free Kitchen

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Here is the only all-purpose, appetizers-to-candy cookbook for the millions of Americans who must avoid having milk and milk products in their diets. Included here are many easy-to-follow recipes for baked goods (which are usually laden with dairy products) for the lactose intolerant or milk-allergic sufferer who must either learn to bake milk-free or go without cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, biscuits, and puddings. The appendix also lists recipes for baked goods that are egg-free. qMost people who deal with food intolerances day in and day out become pretty good 'scratch' cooks. I wrote this book as an all-occasion cookbook. The idea is to give you lots of choices. The Milk-Free Kitchen is focused on all the things you can have. The idea behind every recipe here is that the food should taste good. I hope you will enjoy your milk-free meals and that you and the people with whom you share them will not feel deprived or 'different'q--Beth KidderTime the eggs when the water just starts to boil; boiling for about 2 minutes gives a very soft-boiled egg, 7 minutes gives an egg in which the white is solid and the yolk is still a ... (Very fresh eggs may be difficult to peel no matter what you do.) ... help you remember how long to cook eggs a€” aquot;Hea#39;s as hard as a 10-minute egg.

Title:The Milk-Free Kitchen
Author:Beth Kidder
Publisher:Macmillan - 1991-09-15


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