The Mill River Redemption

The Mill River Redemption

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Having unexpectedly lost her husband and lacking the means to support herself, Josie DiSanti and her two daughters take refuge in the small town of Mill River, to live with Josie's aunt, Ivy. The sisters, Rose and Emily, are inseparable growing up - until a shocking tragedy tears them apart. Years later, Rose and Emily return to Mill River for the reading of their mother's will, where they learn that Josie would do anything to force their reconciliation: the sisters must move into neighbouring houses for the summer and work together to locate the key to Josie's safe deposit box, which contains their inheritance. And so, left with no choice, Rose and Emily reluctantly begin their search. But in a place known for its magic and miracles, little do they know that an even greater treasure awaits them . . . From the New York Times bestselling author of The Mill River Recluse, comes this enchanting story of family, self-discovery, love and forgiveness.But since ita#39;s already got so many dents and scratches, whata#39;s the big deal about a few more?a€ She reached into ... And Claudia did, too, didna#39;t you?a€ Emily whirled ... And tell them torun a Breathalyzer while theya#39;re at it.a€ Claudia ... a€œIa#39;m glad youa#39; rehere, becauseI think Ia#39;dlike tofilea€”a€ a€œEmily, Rose and Iare verysorryfor the damage to your car.a€Sheldon had ... And then, once you get an estimate, if therea#39; sa balance beyond the deductible, you let meknow, and Ia#39;ll alsocover the additional cost.

Title:The Mill River Redemption
Author:Darcie Chan
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-08-26


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