The Millennium Conspiracy

The Millennium Conspiracy

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This fast-moving, intriguing political thriller about betrayal, conspiracy and murder reaches back from the late 1990s to the political upheavals in 1930s Europe that led to the Second World War and the momentous 1945 Manhattan Project at Los Alamos. After returning from a fateful assignment in Kuwait in October 1999, Paul Cane, an investigative journalist, uncovers secret documents hidden away in a cottage in the Cotswolds. They contain papers written by a dead nuclear scientist, revealing that a secret organization known as the New Order, bent on world domination, is conspiring with Al-Qaeda to destroy New York and London with atomic bombs on the eve of the millennium. Cane is summoned to Washington to attend a journalistsa€™ conference where he discovers the assignment in Kuwait was a CIA set-up to gain intelligence on Al-Qaeda. He becomes duped by the CIA into working for a secret White House Task Force established by the US President to find those planning terrorist attacks. The documents possessed by Cane contain the coded names of the leading members of the New Order so he is now the conspiratorsa€™ prime target. At a meeting in Washington, Cane meets Valerie Day, who quickly becomes the love of his life a€“ but who has a secret linking her to one of the possible conspirators. Their lives are in danger as they become hunted by assassins. With US agents and a veteran nuclear scientist, Cane embarks on a mission that takes him to Arizona, New Mexico, New York and back to London in search of the bombs. With millions of lives at risk and the threat of a new World War, The Millennium Conspiracy will hold the reader to the last page.It concludedthat the a#39;uranium boilera#39; (i.e., a nuclear reactor)had considerable promise for future peaceful uses butthat it ... more suitable than uranium 235 was mentioned, and it suggested that this work should be continued in Britain. Reference: Chapter. 3. 3. The Manhattan Project was aresearchand development program, led bythe United States with participation fromthe United Kingdom and Canada, that produced the first atomic bombanbsp;...

Title:The Millennium Conspiracy
Author:David Tolfree
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2012-05-01


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