The Mind-Body Problem: Knot or Not?

The Mind-Body Problem: Knot or Not?

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The Mind-Body Problem Examined The mystery of consciousness and its relationship to the mind and the material world remains a philosophical enigma. This book is a comprehensive review of the thoughts and research devoted to this problem over the last century and offers the sometimes surprising views of psychologist/philosopher Merle Turner. Written over a period of fifteen years, The Mind-Body Problem: Knot or Not? is the latest word on the identity theory--that mind and body are one. The ontological problem--reality of mind and body; the epistemic problem--interaction of the body and mind; and the methodological problem--relation of knowledge of the mind to the brain are all thoroughly explained. His audience is not limited to professionals. Any concerned lay person or student can follow the arguments. In short, this book offers a brilliant, lucid examination of consciousness and of how the divide between mind and brain can be bridged without denying the reality of either.After World War II, during which he was a Captain in the Army Air Force as a navigator, he attended Stanford University on the G. I. Bill. He began his teaching ... His exploration of and reformed view of the mind/body problem is the topic of this book. a€œMerle was ... Merle. Brandt. Turner. 1917-2005. 38711-TURN-softback .

Title:The Mind-Body Problem: Knot or Not?
Author:Merle B. Turner
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-03-14


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