The Ministry of Thin

The Ministry of Thin

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Losing weight has become the modern womana€™s holy grail... everything will be better when wea€™re thin. Wea€™re obsessed with weight, we dislike our bodies, we worry about the food we eat, we feel guilty, we diet... Too many of us are locked into a war with our own bodies which wea€™ll never win, and which will never make us happy. 'The Ministry of Thin' takes a controversial, unflinching look at how the modern obsession with weight loss, youth, beauty and perfection got out of control. Emma Woolf, author of An Apple a Day, explores how we might all be able to stop hating and start liking our own bodies again. And she dares to ask: if losing weight is the answer, what is the question?And look at the transition from boot-cut jeans to skinny jeans: the first were designed to even out your silhouette, the second cling to every curve. Then there are those ... What are we trying to say, when we shop, or dress, or apply our make-up?

Title:The Ministry of Thin
Author:Emma Woolf
Publisher:Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW - 2013-06-04


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