The Miracles Of Smell And Taste

The Miracles Of Smell And Taste

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Can you remember all the pleasant aromas you have ever smelled over the course of your life? A great many will come to mind: those emitted in spring by roses, carnations, lilac, jasmine, lavender, grass and other plants; those wafted abroad by orange, mandarin and lemon trees; the bewitching scents of certain perfumes; the delightful smells of assorted spices; the rich aromas of fresh or fried bread, tomatoes, eggs, olives, tea, coffee or milk when you come to breakfast in the morning and; the smell of meat sizzling on a barbecue, or a bar of fresh, clean soap...The Changing of the Guard in the Taste Cells As you know, every piece of apparatus has a finite working life. The harder ... The same applies to the taste cells in the tongue. Every day ... Why, then, does your sense of taste not fade and die?

Title:The Miracles Of Smell And Taste
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