The Missing Alphabet

The Missing Alphabet

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The future will belong to children with innovative minds. Which is why this team of education experts have drawn on their decades of applied research in creativity, individuality, play, and media to craft an engaging guide for parents who understand that creative thinking skills are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for success in the new, grown-up world of work. The book introduces the Sensory Alphabet, basic building blocks that are as powerful for building twenty-first-century literacies as the ABCs are for readinga€”and that are lacking in schools today. The Missing Alphabet also offers foundational knowledge, current research and a pragmatic path for parents to understand the individual strengths and creative potential that will help their own children learn productively in the future. To turn these ideas into action, there is a Field Guide full of resources and activities for parents and kids to explore together at home, in museums, and around the neighborhood. This tried-and-true approach engages children with the creative thinking process, the capacity to invent with many media, the ability to think across disciplines, and the reliance on (and joy in) the imagination. Over the past forty years, the authors have developed highly successful programs for both in and out-of-school settings based on these concepts. Now, they offer parents a comprehensive guide for building the confidence and creative thinking skills for their own childrena€”and now urgently needed for our collective future.Talking about Sound I will speak to you in stone-language / (Answer with a green syllable) / I will speak to you in ... Mixer (http://www.sembeo. com/media/Matrix. swf), and Raindrop Melody Maker ( ... How many sounds can you make just with your bodya€”mouth, hands, feet, breath ?

Title:The Missing Alphabet
Author:Susan Marcus, Susie Monday, Cynthia Herbert
Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group - 2012-10-23


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