The Moon She Rocks You

The Moon She Rocks You

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Youa€™re a woman . . . 1. Do you want to be calm and centered? 2. Do you feel you could be less reactive, judgmental, and stressed? 3. Do you wish you could be on top of your emotions? Leta€™s face it: Many women have out-of-control emotionsa€”huge emotional swings that they often blame on PMS, SMS, MPS . . . Some people would say ita€™s easier to just let the emotions rule. Wrong. As a woman, Gurutej Khalsa provides a unique approach to help women understand certain feelings and moods they experience during the twenty-eight-day lunar cycle. The moon, which rules women, is about mystery, magic, and emotions. It pulls on their bodily fluids just as it pulls on the oceans and creates the cycles of the tides. The eleven Moon Centers of a woman show women certain feelings and moods they may experience during the twenty-eight-day lunar cycle. This book will shed light on the mystery and unpredictability of women and show them how to become more calm, creative, and empowered. This book is not only about knowing what and where the Moon Centers are in a womana€™s bodya€”ita€™s also about revealing how your cycle can be used to your advantage. With The Moon She Rocks You, women can use a chart of the body and check it each day to see where they think they are in the cycle. With practice, women can make great use of the Moon Centers in their life.Isit going toempower me soIcan do whatIneed to do? Is itgoing ... If youdo this and thefollow up for40 days, youcan get intoagreat eating habit. 11 days ... I was already60 beforeI heard of putting Maamp;Ms in popcorn, meltingthem and eating them.

Title:The Moon She Rocks You
Author:Gurutej Khalsa
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-07-29


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