The Moons of Earth

The Moons of Earth

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The Moons of Earth spans four decades in the life of the Cole family and in the lives of Arkadians who live within the dank, humid despair of the Hive, an interstellar ark that is approaching Earth. The Arkadians need a new home on a blue planet. Humans are intent on destroying theirs. Will the Arkadians negotiate or will they invade? The book sweeps across events of WWII and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. It covers the conseqeuences of the cycles of thermonuclear destruction that are just beginning. The Beheiren in Tokyo, hyperspace, My Lai, the Chicago Democratic Convention, the Cygnus Binary, the Dylan Crystal, the ravan zeromaster cohorts, the Antichrist, and Eldon Moss are all part of a greater story.a€œTake a left at Halsted, then a left on Roosevelt. ... But she didna#39;t know anything better to do in a strange town that Michelle already seemed to know well. ... Get this, get that, sit down, shut up, curl your hair. Curl your hair! The only thing my mother says to me besides a#39;praise the Lorda#39; is a#39;curl ... We were together a long time.

Title:The Moons of Earth
Author:Chad T. Lewis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-08-01


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