The Multicolored Magical Robe

The Multicolored Magical Robe

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What secret lurks beneath the mind of Azzure Pleasant? Hidden powers that had lain dormant for centuries, finally awakens after she stumbles upon a secret letter left behind from her ancient parents King Wixul and Queen Twazexol. Will she complete the require mission and get the rewards promised her? Take the journey with Azzure and her son Graxseiv into the secret realms where no man dares to go. Seeking for truth from the materialization of the surprise letter, Azzure sets out on an unusual journey through a maze of wonders encountering strange beings that emerges out of the mists of unknown territories. Orange trees holding diamonds, drops bits and pieces of sparkling stones along the path for her to tread. Magical whooshing sound of Welcome echoes through the thin veil in a tone of musical notes, as a multicolored robe mysteriously appears on Azzure s body as well as a multicolored slipper. After she grabs a set of seven keys, Azzure encounters a wonder world of giants, ghosts and colorful skies. ___________________________________ Excerpt After informing the staff not to disturb them under any circumstance, they arrived upstairs after Graxseiv cleaned up the broken glasses and spilled orange juice. Behind the clothes-rack, stood a hidden room with soundproof steel walls, a computer, two expensive surveillance cameras, and one hundred percent guaranteed protection. Azzure carried her briefcase and plunked it on the table, flipping it open. She pulled out the letter she had shown to her daughter-in-law before they left for the trip downtown then she grabbed the gold framed diploma that said: With These Magical Gifts Joyously Created Azzure Pleasant Invites all men to Onque s Academy of Multicolored Kingdom as students interested in learning to bring forth their hidden powers at their own pace for one hour until completion Brother of the Ninth Degree in the Onqueian Brotherhood Welcome Graxseiv let the words settle into his mind. Then, he saw the presents his mother had waited twenty-four years to give to him magically materializing. He was speechless. His hands started shaking. Rainbow colored rays suddenly appeared at the tip of his fingers, each merging. Until it took on a crescent-shaped curve, that landed on the floor, and caused him to jump back in shock. Graxseiv noticed his mother staring at him, and felt his eyes glancing at her jaws, which had dropped. An antique gold mirror had suddenly popped up in front of him, Graxseiv gawked at the rainbow colored halo overshadowing his head and stared at his physical body, which had taken on a form, entirely different from what he looked like a few minutes earlier. He was transparent, like a dark shadow lurking behind human beings from the shining sun at high noon.Ia#39;ve already left instructions for our baby-sitter to stay here -- until I get back, Joy said to her mother via telepathy. ... Tall and lean, Joy with her auburn red hair flowing to her shoulders heard her baby crying from the room next door to hers.

Title:The Multicolored Magical Robe
Author:Barbara Deloris Walker
Publisher:Barbara Deloris Walker - 2009


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