The Murder of Linen

The Murder of Linen

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Aligning the desire to create with a sense of guilt and dwelling on every impulse in the mind of a poet except those concerned with his work, Constantine Sult fashions a novel that is a stark and explicit portrait of contemporary man.Alternating between minutely detailed physical description and the referenceless intricacies of thought, THE MURDER OF LINEN follows Wyndaul Dressage as he wanders between his job and various lovers during the course of three days, obsessing over his desire to successfully confess to a crime he has not committed and ignoring his personal obligations and pursuits.His skin clean. The touch of everything to it almost a kind of green mint. The undershirt, he laughed, was fucking repulsive. The stains on the underarms had the consistency of a thin leather patch. The odour to them a kind of arsenic mixture of day old deodorant, some of the various coffees he had drunkanbsp;...

Title:The Murder of Linen
Author:Constantine Sult
Publisher:Brown Paper Publishing - 2007-09-15


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