The Muslim Diaspora (Volume 2, 1500-1799)

The Muslim Diaspora (Volume 2, 1500-1799)

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This second volume details the continued spread of Muslim culture and peoples during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a period that saw the height of the powerful Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal empires, followed by their precipitous decline. The contributions of Muslims to the development of Western civilization continue to be highlighted in this chronology, most notably the impact of the Ottoman Empire on Western art and literature and its role in creating an environment in which the Protestant Reformation could take root. This volume reveals the interconnectedness of the Muslim, Jewish, African and European diasporas during this period.... sumptuary laws requiring non-Muslims to wear distinguishing dress and prohibiting the building or repair of synagogues. a€c In Indonesia, the Portuguese were expelled from Ternate, and took refuge in Tidore. a€c Guru Ram Das, the son- in-lawanbsp;...

Title:The Muslim Diaspora (Volume 2, 1500-1799)
Author:Everett Jenkins, Jr.
Publisher:McFarland - 2000-07-01


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