The Mysterious Camarilla Equation

The Mysterious Camarilla Equation

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Those who talk dona€™t know and those who know dona€™t talk. If youa€™re looking to really know how to trade The Camarilla Equation this book is for you. The Camarilla Equation has attained that unique place in the trading annals: almost everyone has heard of it but few really know it or are willing to talk about it. Here are some of the questions answered in this book: What on earth is the Camarilla Equation?Is it true that it works in any market?How exactly does one trade with the Camarilla Equation?How does it really perform trading stocks? Indices? The Forex? Gold and silver?This book reveals the answer to all these questions and then some. It also provides you with a trading blueprint that you can use to immediately enhance your trading results. The author of The Mysterious Camarilla Equation: Trader's Holy Grail Decoded has over 25 years of trading experience, has held executive positions in several corporations and has taught courses in finance, accounting and real estate. He has written this book in an easy and understandable way that does not require you to have prior math or trading knowledge. The Kindle version of this book is periodically updated to reflect new market data. You receive these updates automatically and at no extra charge. Ita€™s as if you were subscribing to a trading newsletter but without paying the premium cost! Buyers of the print version receive the Kindle version for free. GET THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW AND START TRADING WITH THE CAMARILLA EQUATION TO INCREASE YOUR TRADING RETURNS! What readers say: a€œBooks like these- I consider hidden gems. Not many people know about it, but it definitely is a fantastic read. I admire how knowledgeable the author is in writing this book. He answers a ton of questions that I've had for a long, long time regarding the Camarilla Equation- it's as if he was reading my mind. I highly recommend it for you traders out there!a€ - JP a€œExcellent book. Straight to the point and clear. Contains all the information and data to use the Camarilla Equation. a€ -Martinez a€œI will recommend this book to all my colleagues.a€ - Prosper T. a€œI really loved this book... It kept me thinking and my brain working all the way through it.... I love books that have to do with numbers and I love giving my brain a good challenge..... The book is very well written and is very interesting with lots of facts that I never knew about... I love how ita€™s broken down and made so anyone can understand and that you don't have to be a math genius to read it... Looking forward to reading more great books from the author...a€ - Amazon Customer 360 a€œFinally a readable book about the camarilla pivot points. Also includes lots of testing results. For serious traders.a€ - Leonel TrachuThe Camarilla Equation is based on technical analysis which aims to forecast future prices by assessing the balance of power between the forces of supply and demand. Technical analysis has as its basic tenets, that: a) The market discounts anbsp;...

Title:The Mysterious Camarilla Equation
Author:José Manuel Moreira Batista
Publisher:MORBAT Lda - 2015-02-11


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