The Mystical Pleasures of Chocolate

The Mystical Pleasures of Chocolate

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Since I have been a lover and student of chocolate since birth, I have looked at the seductive, high gloss covers for books dedicated to the use of chocolate for desserts. What has drawn me to those books has been the eye arresting graphic designs, lettering and rich, provocative dark and milk chocolate jackets. Since my book explores the metaphoric and symbolic quality of chocolate women, then the analogy works perfectly on multiple levels of meaning. For example, according to chocolate connoisseurs, chocolate was the food of the mythic gods of the Mayans and Aztecs. Moreover, the sun played a dynamic role in the germination of this plant that eventually became the rage of Europe and then America. Like chocolate, chocolate women come in a spectrum of flavors, colors, textures, sounds and scents. Moreover, gentlemen who have made it their life's work to know the spectrum of chocolate tend to become chocolate connoisseurs. Hence my meditations celebrate the spectrum of chocolate women who are works of art.... almost mythological literary world I would continued to devour like so much vanilla ice cream at a Dairy Queen. ... Indeed, this mythological quest ironically produced no sustainable electricity, epiphanies or cerebral orgasms to match those I would know and make known to the ... the best cuisine of both worldsa€”- chocolate cakes topped with whipped Philadelphia cream cheese icing, nuts Pharaoh 6 3.

Title:The Mystical Pleasures of Chocolate
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-12-01


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