The Myth Of The Blitz

The Myth Of The Blitz

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The Myth of the Blitz was nurtured at every level of society. It rested upon the assumed invincibility of an island race distinguished by good humour, understatement and the ability to pluck victory from the jaws of defeat by team work, improvisation and muddling through. In fact, in many ways, the Blitz was not like that. Sixty-thousand people were conscientious objectors; a quarter of London's population fled to the country; Churchill and the royal family were booed while touring the aftermath of air-raids; Britain was not bombed into classless democracy. Angus Calder provides a compelling examination of the events of 1940 and 1941 - when Britain 'stood alone' against the Luftwaffe - and of the Myth which sustained her 'finest hour'.Piece of Cake is far longer, taking a squadron of Hurricanes all the way from the outbreak of war to 7 September t940, when the ... given to the Battle of Britain, Though having a#39;popsiesa#39; is much alluded to, there are only three significant female characters in this ra#39;popra#39;r. ... joker, liar, bully and thief with homicidal propensities which make him (Robinsona#39;s text insinuates) just the right type to be a fighter pilot.

Title:The Myth Of The Blitz
Author:Angus Calder
Publisher:Random House - 2012-06-30


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