The Mythic Warrior's Handbook

The Mythic Warrior's Handbook

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Back when lightning-throwing gods and multiheaded monsters ruled a world in constant chaos, there was one man who stood on four hooves against it all. He was Chiron the Centaur, the wise(-cracking) teacher to amateur heroes. He turned cowardly boys into powerful warriors, helped them achieve greatness, and overcome their Daddy issues--seriously, how many kids back then were waiting for Zeus to come by and play catch? Now, thousands of years later, Chiron's textbook has been unearthed. And it's your chance to join the ranks of Ancient Greece's finest. Be forewarned: It's no simple task. You have a lot to learn. Inside lies the necessary knowledge to start a quest as epic as one of the great's--from the inner workings of Mt. Olympus to the ins-and-outs of the Underworld to the Achilles' heel of each brutal beast you'll battle along the way. This handbook is as important as the sword in your hand and the shield on your back.There in his skeletal hand was a large scroll. We played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see whoa#39;d reach in and grab it. Erika won. We unwound the scroll a little, careful not to rip the ancient papyrus, and then put our Ancient Greek translation skillsanbsp;...

Title:The Mythic Warrior's Handbook
Author:Chiron the Centaur
Publisher:Adams Media - 2010-01-18


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