The Naked Truth About Gardening, The Bare Essentials

The Naked Truth About Gardening, The Bare Essentials

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About the book: The Naked Truth About Gardening, is an essential guide on how to successfully grow plants. Author, Eleanor Rose, believes ANYONE can grow plants if they know how. It is the how, that is surprising. In The Naked Truth About Gardening: The Bare Essentials, Eleanor shares her top 10 a€œNaked Truthsa€ for gardening. These truths are the keys that unlock the secrets to mastering this ancient art while utilizing technology of the 21st century. This book contains what every person needs to know to discover their naked gardening self. Learn top 10 a€œNaked Truthsa€ of successful gardeners. Grow robust healthy plants anywhere in the world. Exercise time tested tips, tricks and techniques to achieve extraordinary results. Appreciate low maintenance and economical plants. Choose the best plant for a growing space by measuring light, temperature and humidity. Acquire tools and supplies for just pennies on the dollar or even for free. Practice time, space, and money saving strategies for your garden. Learn to shop efficiently and effectively for healthy plants at bargain basement prices. Avoid the frustration and disappointment of poor plant performance. Become part of the pollution solution by growing environmentally friendly plants.Snake Plant a€“ The scientific name is Sansevieria. This plant has ... This plant tolerates any light exposure and prefers minimal watering and sandy soil. Research ... I have even lightly frosted one of these plants, and it recovered completely in a few months. This sturdy ... It does not tolerate temperatures under 60o. It requiresanbsp;...

Title:The Naked Truth About Gardening, The Bare Essentials
Author:Eleanor Rose
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-06-25


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