The National Faith of Japan

The National Faith of Japan

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This seminal work was the first comprehensive study of modern Shinto, the religion of Japan, in both its state and sect forms. It is of particular interest for its account of the evolution of Shinto into a vital political force in the period leading up to World War II.He mourns bitterly that he should have given his beloved wife for an evil-hearted child. ... Then Izanagi-no-Mikoto drew the ten-hand-breadth sword which he were and cut off the head of his child, ... sword came dripping out between his fingers and deities were born named Kura-Okami-no-Kami and Kura-Midzuha-no-Kami.

Title:The National Faith of Japan
Author:Daniel Clarence Holtom
Publisher:Routledge - 1938


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