The Natural History of Rabies, 2nd Edition

The Natural History of Rabies, 2nd Edition

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This book provides essential worldwide reference information regarding rabies for public health officials, veterinarians, physicians, virologists, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, laboratory diagnosticians, and wildlife biologists. The book is divided into six main sections, covering topics such as the rabies virus, including antigenic and biochemical characteristics; pathogenesis, including the immune response to the infection, pathology, and latency; diagnostic techniques; rabies epidemiology in a variety of wild and domestic animals; rabies control, including vaccination of wild and domestic animals, as well as control on the international level; and finally a discussion of rabies in humans, local wound and serum treatment, and human post-exposure vaccination. Natural History of Rabies, First Edition has been the principal worldwide reference since 1975. The new Second Edition has been completely updated, providing current information on this historically deadly disease.OVERVIEW I. Vodopija Rabies can be prevented. ... This proposal is based on the persistence of rabies antibody (up to 8 years) following pre-exposure vaccination with ... In spite of the trust we justifiably place in present day vaccines for postexposure treatment, immediate wound ... last line of defense against possible infection, it should be given to every person potentially contaminated with rabies virus.

Title:The Natural History of Rabies, 2nd Edition
Author:George M. Baer
Publisher:CRC Press - 1991-03-26


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