The Naturally Frugal Baby

The Naturally Frugal Baby

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These are tough economic times, and having a baby seems like an unaffordable luxury to many people. But it doesn't have to be. This book provides a crash course in superfrugal baby care, starting before conception and continuing through the baby's first year. You can make, birth, house, feed, diaper, clothe, entertain, and transport a baby for a mere fraction of what the experts say it all will cost, save thousands of dollars, and have fun at the same time. I wrote this book to be the reference that I wish I'd had before I started having children. It starts with basic financial planning for aspiring parents and straightforward how-to instructions for frugal baby care, and keeps right on going into black-belt frugality topics and some of the more controversial issues of modern parenting. I've read the studies and done the math, and in this book I tell you what I've learned. At the end there is a long list of helpful print and online references, for further reading.Have savings in liquid formaۥa bank account or cash. (Dave Ramsey recommends starting with a baby Emergency Fund of $1000, before making a serious effort to pay down debt.) 2. Pay by cash, or by check, moving money from savings ifanbsp;...

Title:The Naturally Frugal Baby
Author:Peggy Wilson - 2011-03-01


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