The Nature Doctor

The Nature Doctor

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The first British edition of this worldwide bestseller, The Nature Doctor, fully revised and updated, comes complete with comprehensive appendices, offering the reader easy access to wealth of information from the 'father' of natural healing. Dr H. C. A. Vogel comes from a Swiss family where the secrets of herbalism were known and practised. From early childhood he was eager to learn about the healing powers of plants and bit by bit he collected and expanded the traditional and empirical knowledge of European folk-medicine. Since 1929 he has reported his experiences and observations as a nature practitioner, nutritionist, researcher of medicinal plants and discoverer of natural healing powers, in his monthly periodical Gesundheitsnachrichten (A. Vogel's Health News). First published in 1952, The Nature Doctor has become a recognised standard publication even among medical doctors and scientists.Lacto-vegetarians obtain their protein requirements from milk products, especially sour milk, buttermilk and soft white cheese (cottage cheese or quark). If the patient is used to eating meat, he must ... a change, you can sometimes have yogurt. Make sandwiches using rye bread, flake bread, wholemeal bread or crispbread.

Title:The Nature Doctor
Author:Dr H C A Vogel
Publisher:Random House - 2012-05-11


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