The Navy of the Nuclear Age, 1947-2007

The Navy of the Nuclear Age, 1947-2007

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The Navy of the Nuclear Age, 1947-2007, the fifth volume in the monumental U.S. Navy Warship series, presents an all-inclusive compendium of the ships that served in the U.S. Navy from the Cold War up through the present day. Featuring radical new developments in warships such as nuclear-powered submarines and carriers equipped with ballistic missiles, the post-World War II period was one of unprecedented technological growth for the U.S. Navy. The Navy of the Nuclear Age contains specifications and illustrations for all the ships and submarines that have helped the U.S. to achieve its present-day status as the country with the world's largest and most powerful navy. A further article about Paul Silverstone and the Navy Warships series can be found at: during flight, its small size made it much easier to install on missile frigates or destroyers a€” Talos generally required a cruiser. ... Tartar, which entered service about 1961, was seen as a short- ranged single-stage version of Terrier, sharing many components ... Block IE, the Stand-off Land Attack Missile (SLAM), amounted to an entirely new design and became operational in 1988-1990, ... Many variants are now in service, with upgrading typically done at three- to four- year intervals.

Title:The Navy of the Nuclear Age, 1947-2007
Author:Paul H. Silverstone
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2009-01-01


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