The Necrarian

The Necrarian

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Consolation St. Marie arrives at a high school in Phoenix, Arizona, with earrings made of fangs and a coat of feathers billowing around her. On her first day, she makes out with Critter Ocampo behind the field house. She easily clicks with his best friends too, Liv and Scott, a couple with deep love and deeper secrets. Prom night, the squad drives into the desert. Theya€™ve planned a ritual to welcome their new lives: Liv as a video game designer, Scott as a shaman, and Crittera€™s future with Con, one he hasna€™t told her yet. What they hadna€™t planneda€b arms tripling in length, twisting around a head and suffocating one of their party. An impossible murder. The perpetrator? A creature of the Necraria, a series of worlds where detritivores consume the soul-bodies of the dead. In order to find the murderer, the squad will have to die a ritual death, descend into the Necraria, fight their way through its sublime, skin-crawling realms, and thena€b Be afraid of thena€b Forever pain, then. An action-packed journey into a new mythology, The Necrarian is the first book of The Universals series.Gathering her willpower, she did a full bodyroll across the shell, then grabbed for any hand and foothold. She nearly fell off, but ... Where do you want him, Con?a€ a€œ Head toward the ... No matter what Liv did with her body weight, he only moved in circles around the same spot. a€œWe need ... The new stance hobbled the crab but not by much, and it was going to squeeze Con to death. a€œBoaz! ... Con thrust her hand into her coat and pulled out the long tusk shea#39;d used on the vampire squid.

Title:The Necrarian
Author:Clare Kent and Miryam Coppersmith
Publisher:Pronoun - 2015-10-10


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