The Nerds Survival Guide

The Nerds Survival Guide

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This book among other things contains a short biography of a nerd. The common pitfalls nerds fall into going through life and how to avoid them. What it is to be a nerd and how a nerds relate to other people. What every nerd wants to know about strippers but is afraid to ask. The alternatives to strip clubs a discos for nerds wanting to meet women. A groundbreaking theory of how consciousness determines reality. A science section which includes how a mission to Mars can be accomplished, the future of robotics and much more. About the Author Denis Joseph Barrow is a freelance computer programmer who has a B.Eng Electronics from the Cork institute of Technology. He formed his own company Aria Software Ireland Ltd in October 1998. His heroes include Nobel Prize winning Physicist Richard Feynman and he enjoys attempting to play guitar and listening to Van Halen and Thin Lizzy in his spare time.What can I say most men like looking at pretty ladies, my father is mad about them, so am I, suppose you cana#39;t beat breeding. This chapter may challenge some peoples values. If you are not interested in life on the wild side give this chapter aanbsp;...

Title:The Nerds Survival Guide
Author:D. Barrow
Publisher:Aria Software Ireland Ltd - 2006-01-01


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