The New Case Against Immigration

The New Case Against Immigration

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New research reveals why America can no longer afford mass immigration Mark Krikorian has studied the trends and concluded that America must permanently reduce immigrationa€” both legal and illegala€”or face enormous problems in the near future. His argument is based on facts, not fear. Wherever they come from, todaya€™s immigrants are actually very similar to those who arrived a century ago. But they are coming to a very different Americaa€”one where changes in the economy, society, and government create different incentives for newcomers. Before the upheavals of the 1960s, the U.S. expected its immigrantsa€”from Italy to Indiaa€”to earn a living, learn English, and become patriotic Americans. But the rise of identity politics, political correctness, and Great Society programs means we no longer make these demands. In short, the problem isna€™t them, ita€™s us. Even positive developments such as technological progress hinder the assimilation of immigrants. Ita€™s easy now for newcomers to live a€œtransnationala€ lives. Immigration will be in the headlines through Election Day and beyond, and this controversial book will help drive the debate.Economic Mobility Project, May 24, 2007, EMP%20American%20Dream %20Report.pdf%20 , p. 3. ... 43 Michael Lind, The Next American Nation: The New Nationalism and the Fourth American Revolution (New York: Free Press, 1996), p. 209. ... 45 Philip L. Martin and Michael S. Teitelbaum, a€œThe Mirage of Mexican Guest Workers, a€ Foreign Affairs, Nov.-Dec. 2001.

Title:The New Case Against Immigration
Author:Mark Krikorian
Publisher:Penguin - 2008-07-03


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