The New Destroyer: Killer Ratings

The New Destroyer: Killer Ratings

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Don't Touch That Dial! In the cutthroat world of evening news, where qif it bleeds it leadsq is the industry's lifeblood, the dead-last BCN network is hemorrhaging viewers. On the chopping block is million-dollar anchor Kitty Coughlin, who is one ratings point away from early termination. But when a group of armed men hijack her plane and stage a spectacular near-miss of one of America's most famous landmarks, Kitty's eyewitness account helps BCN achieve a remarkable ratings rally. Kitty is riding high...until the ratings bubble bursts and her career goes back on life support. Then the next catastrophe strikes. Wherever Kitty Coughlin goes, disaster -- and ratings gold -- follows. Is Kitty's uncanny ability to be at the center of the news storm sheer dumb luck or very bad news? Harold W. Smith of the supersecret agency CURE knows a thing or two about disaster management. He sends in Remo Williams and the remarkable Chiun to tune in, turn off, and pull the plug on whoever is putting Americans at risk.When he gave her a time, she checked the Felix the Cat wall clock and realized that she would have to move fast if she ... In the basement of his Los Angeles suburb home, Orville Wilbur Feldon finished typing the little :-) smile face emoticon and closed the instant message box. aquot;Retard bovine lesbo, aquot; he said with a chuckle.

Title:The New Destroyer: Killer Ratings
Author:Warren Murphy, James Mullaney
Publisher:Macmillan - 2008-07-29


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