The New Latina's Bible

The New Latina's Bible

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In this new edition of a book thatOCOs been a go-to guide for young Latinas for years, award-winning journalist Sandra Guzman tackles the real-world complications facing Latinas today. With warmth, humor, and wisdom, qThe New LatinaOCOs Bibleq explores a wide range of issues, touching on everything from family to dating to the workplace. Guzman offers helpful tips on improving self-esteem, and provides simple, easy-to-follow womenOCOs health advice. New chapters take on important topics like sexual abuse, domestic violence, interracial relationships, and LGBTQ issues. In qThe New LatinaOCOs Bible, q Guzman shows other Latinas that they are not alone in the day-to-day dilemmas that they encounter, and that understanding these challenges can strengthen and empower them as women. A must-read for any Latina who faces the trials of living, loving, and dreaming in two worlds?the old world of their mami, t as, and abuelitas, and the new world in which they are immersed?this comprehensive book helps to bridge the gap between the dual realities that shape and define the nueva Latina.qThe Modern Latinaa#39;s Guide to Love, Spirituality, Family, and La Vida Sandra GuzmAin ... They told me that when my mother was not there, my brothers were all in here doing their share. ... will do the dishes when she visits her mother-in-law, but she makes sure that her partnera€”this womana#39;s only sona€”keeps her company en la cocina and doesna#39;t retire to watch TV with the boys. ... Now, therea#39;s a thought!

Title:The New Latina's Bible
Author:Sandra Guzmán
Publisher:Seal Press - 2011


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