The New Politics of Old Age Policy

The New Politics of Old Age Policy

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As the average age of the U.S. population continues to increase, age-related policies have come under intense scrutiny, sparking heated debates. In the past, older people were seen as a frail, dependent population, but major policies enacted or expanded on their behalf have made them major players in electoral and interest-group politics. This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Robert B. Hudsona€™s The New Politics of Old Age Policy not only explains the politics behind the countrya€™s age-based programs and describes how those programs work but also assesses how wella€”or poorlya€”they meet the growing and changing needs of older Americans. Essays by leading experts in political science, sociology, law, social work, and gerontology address, among other things, theoretical approaches to age-based policy; population dynamics and the impact of growing diversity within the older population; and national, state, and local issues associated with major age-based programs. More than any other source, this book presents the most current information on growing older in the United States, including in-depth analyses of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, housing initiatives, the Older Americans Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and tax policy. Detailed new chapters focus on financial security and retirement in the context of the Great Recession, diversity and inequality in aging populations, and implications of the Affordable Care Act. Scholars, students, and policymakers will appreciate the volumea€™s timely overview of the evolution of aging policy. -- Larry Polivka, The Claude Pepper CenterWomen who qualify for Social Security on their own earnings records will probably receive lower benefits than men with comparable work histories, due to the ... Similarly, the 35 best years of earnings used to calculate Social Security benefits could be reduced to the 30 or 25 best years. For many women, this would eliminate multiple zero earnings years in their work history due to time out for child care.

Title:The New Politics of Old Age Policy
Author:Robert B. Hudson
Publisher:JHU Press - 2014-09-04


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