The New Science of Perfect Skin

The New Science of Perfect Skin

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Finallya€”the ultimate beauty bible that gives you everything you need to navigate the dizzying array of claims made by cosmetic companies, and to create your own personalized regimen for perfect skin. We all want glowing, radiant skin no matter what our age, but with all the skin-care options on the market today, ita€™s easy to feel overwhelmed by choices. Do you really need a cleanser and a toner? Do designer brands from Hollywood doctors really work? Are antioxidants the next true anti-aging breakthrough, and is there a Botox-free way to make wrinkles actually disappear? And, most important, how can you know which products are really worth your money and your time? As a thirty-year veteran of the beauty world, with experience developing and testing products for brands like EstAce Lauder and La€™Oreal, Daniel Yarosh, Ph.D., understands your skin from the inside out. And he knows how to separate the help from the hype. Today there are plenty of true skin-care miracles that can deliver amazing results, and in The New Science of Perfect Skin, Yarosh gives you everything you need to identify and choose the best, most-effective productsa€”without blowing your beauty budget. You will learn how to: Decode product labels and spot marketing hype Know which highly touted ingredients really worka€”and which dona€™t Use the latest, proven innovationsa€”including DNA repaira€”to see remarkable changes in just a few weeksa€™ time Streamline your skin-care routine by using a€œsmarta€ products that contain multiple active ingredients Avoid paying more for high-end brands when drugstore brands have bigger benefits Bringing a scientista€™s eye to the cosmetics industry, Yarosh delivers the inside scoop that will help you achieve flawless skin. No woman can afford to go to the drugstore, cosmetics counter, or spa without this eye-opening, must-have guide. This book is about the New Skin-Care Revolution. The good news is that today there are products that really work. The bad news is that therea€™s never been more confusion and uncertainty about which products get results and which are a waste of money and time. Consumers are bombarded by enticing ads featuring models and celebrities with creamy, flawless skin; salesclerks spouting pseudoscience at cosmetics counters; and countless articles in womena€™s magazines puffing up the Very Best New Thing each month. So how do you know what really works? Ia€™m going to tell you. Because I understand skin-care products from the inside out, I can separate fact from myth, help from hype, and gems from junk and let you know what has been overpraised and overlooked. Ia€™ll be naming names and telling tales of products that deliver and those that are little more than a puff of smoke and a funhouse mirror. Ia€™ll explain the true breakthroughs in todaya€™s skin-care science and the techniques that can truly rejuvenate skin. Ultimately, instead of succumbing to the a€œinevitablea€ aging process, youa€™ll find yourself with a fresh, natural beauty that continues to unfold with time. So welcome to the New Skin-Care Revolution! Leta€™s get started. a€”Daniel Yarosh, Ph.D., in The New Science of Perfect SkinUnderstanding Skin Care Myths and Miracles For Radiant Skin at Any Age Daniel Yarosh, PH.D. Bottom line: DNA repair is a natural process that removes the sun damage from skina#39;s DNA. Products that claim to stimulate DNA repair must beanbsp;...

Title:The New Science of Perfect Skin
Author:Daniel Yarosh, PH.D.
Publisher:Harmony - 2008-05-06


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