The New Theory of Reference

The New Theory of Reference

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On January 20th, 22nd, and 29th, 1970 Saul Kripke delivered three lectures at Princeton University. They produced something of a sensation. In the lectures he argued, amongst other things, that many names in ordinary language referred to objects directly rather than by means of associated descriptions; that causal chains from language user to language user were an important mechanism for preserving reference; that there were necessary a posteriori and contingent a priori truths; that identity relations between rigid designators were necessary; and argued, more tentatively, that materialist identity theories in the philosophy of mind were suspect. Interspersed with this was a consider able amount of material on natural kind terms and essentialism. As a result of these lectures and a related 1971 paper, 'Identity and Necessity' (Kripke [1971]), talk of rigid designators, Hesperus and Phosphorus, meter bars, gold and H 0, and suchlike quickly became commonplace in philosophical circles 2 and when the lectures were published under the title Naming and Necessity in the collection The Semantics of Natural Language (Davidson and Harman l [1972]), that volume became the biggest seller in the Reidel (later Kluwer) list. The cluster of theses surrounding the idea that a relation of direct reference 2 exists between names and their referents is now frequently referred to as 'The 3 New Theory of Reference'.MORE REVISIONISM ABOUT REFERENCE At the Eastern Division Meetings of the American Philosophical Association in ... The three APA papers were later published in Synthese. with the result that Smitha#39;s comments on my paper continued to stand unchallenged. ... dispute. but her revision of this paper, published in Modalities (1993), which differs at a number of places from the original 1961 article.

Title:The New Theory of Reference
Author:P. Humphreys, J.H. Fetzer
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1999-03-31


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