The Newcom++ Vision Book

The Newcom++ Vision Book

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The Book contains the Vision of the researchers of the European Network of Excellence NEWCOM++ (Network of Excellence on Wireless COMmunication) on the present and future status of Wireless Communication Networks. In its content, the community of NEWCOM++ researchers, shaped under the common ground of a mainly academic network of excellence, have distilled their scientific wisdom in a number of areas characterized by the common denominator of wireless communications, by identifying the medium-long term research tendencies/problems, describing the tools to face them and providing a relatively large number of references for the interested reader. The identified areas and the researchers involved in their redaction reflect the intersection of the major topics in wireless communications with those that are deeply investigated in NEWCOM++; they are preceded by an original description of the main trends in user/society needs and the degree of fulfilment that ongoing and future wireless communications standards will more likely help achieving. The appendix of the Book contains a list of qMillenium Problemsq, seminal problems in the area of wireless communication networks, characterized by being crucial and still unsolved. The problems have been identified by NEWCOM++ researchers and filtered by the editors of the Vision Book.The major issues related to such an approach regard the naming scheme to be utilized and the related routing protocol. In general, in information centric networking contexts we can distinguish two approaches for what concerns the naminganbsp;...

Title:The Newcom++ Vision Book
Author:Sergio Benedetto, Marco Luise, Luis M. Correia
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-04-07


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