The Next Big Thing Is Really Small

The Next Big Thing Is Really Small

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What does nanotechnology have to do with your business? Plenty. If you don't believe it, go ahead and wait for the nanotech era to arrive. But don't be surprised when other forward-thinking companies get a head-start. Nanotechnology means that we can design and build materials from the ground up, atom by atom, to exact design specifications. If Levi's came to dominate the jeans market because they used nanostructured materials that have a softer feel than cotton, won't wrinkle, and can prevent stains, what happens to the denim sector? What about the local dry cleaner and laundry detergent makers? Uldrich and Newberry teach readers how to think strategically about nanotechnology and how to apply this newfound knowledge to make wise and profitable investment decisions. They will chronicle the factors driving nanotechnology's rapid developments and detail the events, forces and people who will usher in the next revolution.In the past, man has simply taken the material that the earth has provideda€”wood, stones, ore, etc. ... $460 billion global plastics industry, the $57 billion U.S. steel industry, and the $27 billion glass industry alone are staggering. ... Since that time, caffeine-free Coke, Cherry Coke, diet Cherry Coke, caffeine-free diet Coke, diet Coke with a lemon twist, and most recently Vanilla Coke have been introduced.

Title:The Next Big Thing Is Really Small
Author:Deb Newberry, Jack Uldrich
Publisher:Random House - 2010-09-30


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