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Susan Atkins, Captain of Starship NOVA, is on a special mission to transport prisoner CX589 to the planet Troidon. It is Earth Year 2288, and she and her crew must ride a wormhole in order to propel themselves into the future to reach Troidon. While time travel is impossible, The Great Rip is an exception. Instead of jumping onto another timeline, they travel forward and back sixty five years, keeping things balanced. Communications are coming from the United Earth Alliance in Brussels, from Admiral Niemir Mazur, who is overseeing Susana€™s objective. The captain expresses concerns they are delivering the prisoner to a planet that will surely execute him, but Niemir is confident in Susana€™s abilities. Troidon is Earth-like, with a similar civilization and belief system. Scientists and spiritual Leaders were once at odds over the actuality of intelligent life in the universe until Earth's Voyager 1 began orbiting their skies centuries ago. The bible-like Book of Beginnings was Troyorisa€™ doctrine, and claimed Troidon was the only habitable planet. First fearful, citizens then revolted when they realized the booka€™s Christ-like Helm wasna€™t a savior, he was a fraud. After Susan successfully delivers prisoner CX589 to the Leader, an accident occurs on the return trip and she and her crew journey back hundreds of years to the pass. Their only hope in getting home requires placing their destiny into the hands of Professor Harris, a 21tst century scientist who used laser light to twist time and may have inadvertently created an instrument for transport. Meanwhile, the past and future collide in present-day Norway and the results are catastrophic. Not only is there a great loss of life, but NOVA has been inadvertently glimpsed by millions and now the crewa€™s existence is compromised. Will they be able to survive the trip home with the questionable abilities of the Professora€™s invention? And even if they do, will their lives be forever altered by the imprint left in the past? The Next Step zips through space at warp speed toward a catastrophic ending where timelines, wormholes and lives all hang in the balance, dependent on both faith and science for a favorable ending.Apparently a Norwegian television network, TV2, was doing a live coverage of the Norwegian Grammies when the event ... From what we can make out, the plane seemed to be an old bomber of some kind. ... The image of the LCD television disappeared, and the cameraman in CNNa#39;s Atlanta studios in America took over.

Author:Toby Whaymand
Publisher:TWP - 2014-07-01


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