The Noonday Demon

The Noonday Demon

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With uncommon humanity, candor, wit, and erudition, award-winning author Andrew Solomon takes the reader on a journey of incomparable range and resonance into the most pervasive of family secrets. His contribution to our understanding not only of mental illness but also of the human condition is truly stunning. The Noonday Demon examines depression in personal, cultural, and scientific terms. Drawing on his own struggles with the illness and interviews with fellow sufferers, doctors and scientists, policymakers and politicians, drug designers and philosophers, Solomon reveals the subtle complexities and sheer agony of the disease. He confronts the challenge of defining the illness and describes the vast range of available medications, the efficacy of alternative treatments, and the impact the malady has had on various demographic populations around the world and throughout history. He also explores the thorny patch of moral and ethical questions posed by emerging biological explanations for mental illness. The depth of human experience Solomon chronicles, the range of his intelligence, and his boundless curiosity and compassion will change the reader's view of the world.The quotation from F. Scott Fitzgeralda#39;s The Great Gatsby occurs on page 66. ... CHAPTER III: TREATMENTS The quotation from T. M. Luhrmann is in her remarkable book Of Two Minds, page 7. ... For a summary of this study in the popular press, see Erica Goode, a€œChronic-depression study backs the pairing of ... The basic methodology of IPT is described thoroughly in Myrna Weissman, John Markowitz, and Gerald Klermana#39;s Comprehensive Guide to Interpersonal Psychotherapy.

Title:The Noonday Demon
Author:Andrew Solomon
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-11-16


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