The Nordic Seas

The Nordic Seas

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q ... as soon as one has traversed the greater part of the wild sea, one comes upon such a huge quantity of ice that nowhere in the whole world has the like been known.q qThis ice is of a wonderful nature. It lies at times quite still, as one would expect, with openings or large fjords in it; but sometimes its movement is so strong and rapid as to equal that of a ship running before the wind, and it drifts against the wind as often as with it.q Kongespeilet - 1250 A.D. (qThe Mirror of Kingsq) Modern societies require increasing amounts influence on the water mass and on the resulting of scientific information about the environment total environment of the region; therefore, cer tain of its characteristics will necessarily be in whieh they live and work. For the seas this information must describe the air above the sea, included.The new crust that solidifies from molten asthenospheric material along the accretion axis is oceanic crust, which forms ... 100 km thick under older parts of continents, as compared with as little as 10 km thick at the crest of the midocean ridge.

Title:The Nordic Seas
Author:Burton G. Hurdle
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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