The Numbers

The Numbers

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Nutrition can be complicated. How do you know what foods are healthy and what arena€™t? How much should you eat? Whata€™s a healthy portion size? How many calories do you need? Do you weigh just the right amounta€”or are you underweight or overweight? Keeping track of how much you eat, weigh, and exercise can help you make the right choices. Discover how knowing the numbersa€”calories, BMI, weight, and morea€”is a big part of staying fit and healthy.When you move more, you burn more calories. More intense activities burn more calories. Playing soccer for anhour will useup more calories than walkingfor anhour. Eatingtoo few calories or burning too many of them leads to weight loss.

Title:The Numbers
Author:Kyle A. Crockett
Publisher:Mason Crest - 2014-09-02


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