The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver

The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver

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Finally! Answers to your most urgent questions in an easy-to-use format! Based on questions posed by thousands of real mothers, this A-to-Z guide has a practical, realistic view of how nursing fits into a modern woman's life. First-time mothers and breastfeeding veterans will find answers to more than 300 questions -- from the most common to the most particular. How to know the effect of what you eat and drink on your breastmilk -- from antihistamines and antidepressants to spicy food, wine, or caffeine How to use natural remedies like fennel tea, cabbage leaves, and brewer's yeast to combat your own and your baby's discomforts How to accommodate your child's particular nursing style, be she fussy, sleepy, overeager, or uninterested How to breastfeed children with special needs -- like a cleft palate and Down's syndrome -- as well as adopted babies and twins Cross-referenced for easy, immediate access to information, supplemented with listings of resources such as videos, Web sites, and support groups, this volume is the most comprehensive collection of nursing advice available.288 ^) TRANSPORTING EXPRESSED MILK thyroiditis that do not require a thyroid scan. Ask your doctor ... It is extremely contagious; if one of you has thrush , the other almost certainly has it too, or will soon. ... Clotrimazole will work on thrush.

Title:The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver
Author:Claire Martin
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2002-05-09


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