The Obama Vs. Romney Debate on Economic Growth

The Obama Vs. Romney Debate on Economic Growth

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This book is written for the average citizen, and it has three purposes: First, promoting a familiarity with the fundamental issues aff ecting the growth of the U.S. economy; Second, exploring the policies of the 2012 presidential candidates, President Obama and Governor Romney, on these economic growth issues; and Third, helping the reader appreciate how economic growth can impact personal investment returns. To facilitate an understanding of the complex issues aff ecting U.S. economic growth, the book is written in question and answer format. By reading this book, you will become a more informed citizen, voter, and investor.81 H. How Does the Multiplier Work in Reverse? The multiplier works the other way around as well. ... will lead to a decrease in consumer spending by an amount equal to the decrease times the MPC, and through the multiplier effect, GDP willanbsp;...

Title:The Obama Vs. Romney Debate on Economic Growth
Author:Samuel C. Thompson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08


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