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The OMICs: Applications in Neuroscience summarizes the state of the art in high-throughput approaches (collectively known as 'OMICs') in neurology and neuroscience, and is of interest to both neurologists tracking the progress of these methods towards clinical applications, and neuroscientists curious about the most recent advances in this ever-changing field. The explosion of high-throughput assays has introduced large datasets, computational servers, and bioinformatics approaches to neuroscience, and medicine in general. The book includes a rich survey of the most relevant OMICs applications and how they relate to neurology and neuroscience. The reader is given an overview of the method, a perspective on the current and future applications, and published examples illustrating practical uses.individuals with aberrant drug action to confirm a heritable pattern, and early twin studies were used to confirm heritability of ... the accidental observation that some individuals would experience an intensely bitter taste when tasting phenylthiocarbamide (PTC), while others ... But we have increasingly come to recognize that drug responsiveness and intolerance may be more complex traits, influenced byanbsp;...

Title:The OMICs
Author:Giovanni Coppola
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2014-01


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