The Order of the Mages

The Order of the Mages

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As the king's personal messenger, Vinue is on a mission to deliver a packet of royal letters to Sprindas. The closer he comes to Sprindas, the more frequent his strange nightmares become. But at the gates of Sprindas, Vinue is attacked by the guards, speared through the chest, and left for dead. His life hanging in the balance, Vinue is saved by a mysterious group of people known as the mages guild. They heal Vinue and tell him of his mysterious gift-through his dreams, he is able to tap into the realm of the gods. After much training, he achieves a higher level of consciousness, enabling him to perform spells and gain immense amounts of knowledge. Because of his talents, Vinue becomes one of the leaders of the guild's inner circle. In his quest to find the answer to his dreams, the mages give him a mission of great importance-they are preparing for war and Vinue must use his extraordinary talents to save their world. Is Vinue willing to sacrifice his life to achieve victory, or will his powers destroy them all?The only thing that Vinue could muster up to say was thata#39;s like denying what powers I have if you and I now that I can control them than...Vinue ... Together we sat and ate but we did not say a word to each other the entire time and when we finished we got up and put all the unauthorized books back on the ... Then Pothimus said that he would show me the way to my room in case I had forgot and the truth is.

Title:The Order of the Mages
Author:Allan Fairweather
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-11-01


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