The Origin of Wealth

The Origin of Wealth

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In theOrigin of Wealth, Eric Beinhocker offers a thorough and convincing new way to think about economic growth and business management. The author begins by exploring the roots of modern economic theory and ultimately declares it outmoded and wrong. Instead, he suggests, markets and growth can best be explained by drawing on the emerging field of complexity economics: the study of markets and social systems as complex adaptive systems. Although biological metaphors in business have become familiar (i.e., organisations are living organisms), Beinhocker moves beyond metaphor to explain the revolutions in science that will inevitably change the way we think about economics, competition, and business. TheOrigin of Wealthraises important questions such as: How can one create strategy in uncertain and fast moving environments? Why is it hard for large organisations to be innovative and how should we organise for better results? What role should governments play in this new era?There are five hundred pieces of varying shapes and colors in the appropriately named LEGO aquot;Creatoraquot; set, and we can ... shelves and shelves stacked with paper note cards, each with instructions for creating a unique LEGO design on it. ... the library is a fabulous 384- block design for a LEGO spaceship that would make the heart of any seven- year-old race. ... LEGO castle. There is also a design for a 406-block castle that is identical to the previous design except for the added block.

Title:The Origin of Wealth
Author:Eric D. Beinhocker
Publisher:Harvard Business Press - 2006


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